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Your "best HEADSHOT ever!" action plan has arrived .

Getting a great headshot is a collaboration between you and the photographer. 

Here’s what you can do to prepare for your headshot session:


1. Wardrobe: “Dress to impress” certainly applies here. The tip is to avoid shirts / tops with patterns, stripes, plaids (anything that will distract the viewer’s attention from your face and expression). Solid, neutral colors are the way to go! LADIES: Make sure shoulders are covered.

2. Jewelry: Be conservative about the use of jewelry around the face. LADIES: avoid large hoop earrings or heavy necklaces. Once again the tip is to avoid distracting the viewer’s attention away from your face and expression.

3. Grooming: The average life of a headshot is about one year. This may not be the time to try out a new hair style. Here’s the tip: MEN: Pay attention to trimming any facial hair and have hair cut several days before the shoot. LADIES: Have your hair styled the day of OR day before the session.

4. Expression: Putting on a natural smile doesn’t come naturally for some people. We really want this headshot to portray you as friendly, helpful, approachable. That is best accomplished with a warm, genuine smile. The final tip is try this exercise: Standing in front of a mirror, close your eyes and put on a happy face. Now open your eyes and see if the smile looks natural. If not, figure out what needs to be changed and try again. BEING ABLE TO PUT ON A WARM, GENUINE SMILE IS THE BEST CONTRIBUTION YOU CAN MAKE TO GETTING YOUR BEST HEADSHOT EVER!


I look forward to providing this service for YOU at the location of your choice.

Please call or text: Jim Barber / Impressive Images Photography / 478-737-2244